Model Contracts

(Details to be furnished in employment agreement)

An agreement under sub-section (3) of section 22 of the Emigration Act r.w.r 15 of the Emigration Rules IPB3 shall provide for the following matters:

  • Period of employment/place of employment
  • Wages and other conditions of service
  • Free food and food allowance provision
  • Free accommodation
  • Provision in regard to disposal or transportation to India, of dead body of the emigrant
  • Working hours, overtime allowance, other working conditions, leave and social security benefits as per local labor laws
  • To and fro air passage at the employers costs
  • Mode of settlement of disputes
  • Medical benefits
  • Leave benefits
  • Travel and transportation expenses
  • Conditions for the termination of employment
  • Provisions in regard to coverage of special risks including war
  • Provisions in regard to remittances
  • Provisions in regard to renewal of contract


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