Celebration of International Year of Millets on 17th March, 2023 Press Releases

Celebration of International Year of Millets on 17th March, 2023

High Commission of India
Victoria, Seychelles

Press Release
Subject: Event celebrating International Year of Millets titled “Mighty Millets”

            The High Commission celebrated International Year Of Millets (IYOM) with event titled ‘Mighty Millets’ on 17th March, 2023.

2.  The event was graced by the Seychelles' Minster of Health, Hon’ble Peggy Vidot and saw enthusiastic participation by the diplomatic corps, local importers, businessmen and the diaspora.

3. High Commissioner spoke about Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s initiative to popularise Millets, which, in addition to being a superfood for health, are also a sustainable crop of the future, assisting in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).Government of India has taken a leadership role in Millet research and Millets would be a natural fit in the Seychellois diet.

4.  Minister Vidot welcomed the outreach for Millets created by this event. She highlighted the health benefits of adding Millets to diets and the positive difference it can make to combat obesity and other prevalent health issues.

5. An exhibition to showcase Millets and highlighting their health benefits was also held at the venue. Brochures with information about benefits of millets in terms of health and sustainability, progress made by India in Millet research etc. were distributed to all guests. Guests were also given flash drives with Millet dish recipes, information on GoI initiative to push millets into popular culture and incubation centers supporting Millet-based start-ups.

6.  The event concluded with all guests enjoying wholly millet based snacks and desserts.